Perspective ViewPlan and Profile Views
Mouse Navigation
MoveClick + Drag
ZoomScrollZooms in toward/out from mouse cursor
Zoom to Selected ShotsPress S Key
Zoom to EverythingPress E Key
Selecting Shots
Select a ShotClick on a shot
Clear SelectionClick on empty space
Select/unselect additional shotsCtrl + Click on a shot
Lasso ShotsAlt + Click to start, Right Click to endthen keep clicking to add more points around shots to select; right click to finish selection
Section Cut
Move Front Section Cut PlaneHold Alt + Scroll
Move Back Section Cut PlaneHold Alt + Shift + Scroll
Advanced Mouse Navigation
Zoom toward SelectedHold Shift + ScrollZooms in toward/out from selected shots
Finer MovementHold Ctrl while Dragging/ScrollingMakes any other motion more precise